What is the best thing about a brand new car? There may be a few, but the shiny look is surely one of them. This is true that we always get fascinated by the newness of a product. A car interior is not an exception. But the newness of your car interior will not last for long. As time passes by, it will lose its shininess and becomes fade.

The reality is that your car will not remain new and shiny forever. But you can keep it neat and clean to maintain its newness for a long time, especially the interior of your car. Like the exterior, the interior of your car also needs a regular cleanup to keep it charming and germs-free. 

There is a lot of car interior cleaner that you will find in the market. Most of them are very effective to keep the interior clean and healthy. Here we will find the three best car interior cleaner among them and discuss the ins and outs of how you should choose it.

So, let’s get started.

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Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner & Protectant

CarGuys Super Cleaner

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


The most common types of car interior cleaner are-

  1. Carpet cleaner: A carpet cleaner is a must to keep your car’s floor clean. You must remove the dirt and stain from the carpet which may contribute potential odor that you are experiencing inside your car. Generally, a steam cleaner can get deep into the pile of the carpet and remove the dirt and odors. You can also use spray-on-option and then scrubbing to clean your car carpet.
  2. Glass cleaner: No one likes a strained window glass. For the interior, you can use regular glass cleaners of good quality to keep them strain-free. Standard household glass cleaners are enough for this. But for the exterior, you can use glass cleaner with premium features like water resistance.
  3. Leather cleaner: For most of the cars, the interior is mostly covered with leather. To keep them clean, you must use specialized cleaners for the leather. Leather needs to be kept trimmed and moisturized. A good quality leather cleaner can do so and makes sure that the leather surfaces last for long.
  4. Multi-surface cleaner: These cleaners are mainly effective to clean different types of surfaces. They can clean leather, glass, plastic, vinyl, rubber, or other types of interior surfaces. It is a good decision to buy a multi-purpose car interior cleaner. As you are getting all in one, you don’t need to buy different types of interior for a different purpose.    


A car interior cleaner helps you to maintain the value of your car. No matter how expensive or luxurious your car is, it will be dirty. Over time, there will be dust and strain that will destroy the luxurious or shiny look of your car. But when you will use interior cleaner regularly to clean the interior, it will look shiny and new for a long time.

It keeps interior leather-trimmed and moisturized. Leather needs regular moisturizing and trimming. Otherwise, it fades and tears. But a car interior cleaner can keep your leather interior trimmed and moisturized. It can condition the leather surfaces and make the last for a long. 

It keeps your interior germs-free. Some of the interior cleaners have the ability to disinfect. They keep the interior free from germs and bacteria and keep your family safe.

It saves you money. If you want to clean your interior with a professional, you need to spend more money. But if you buy to do it by yourself by using a car interior cleaner, you can do it less costly. 


Surface compatibility 

The car interior can be surfaced with different types of substances. For cleaning them separately, you will find specific types of cleaner. But this is neither an economical option nor is it convenient. Because for every surfaces you will need to buy different cleaners. It will cost you more and cause extra effort.

So, you should check for the cleaners that work on different surfaces. These interior cleaners are compatible with different types of surfaces. As a result, you need to buy only one to clean the whole interior. 

UV protection

You may think that this feature is not that important for your car interior. But UV protection is one of the main features that you need to look for in a car interior cleaner. UV rays are very harmful to the interior, especially for leather. It is responsible for a lot of wear and tears in the car interior. UV rays are the reason to fade the colors and crack the surfaces. As a result, it does huge damage to your car interior.

So, you need to find a car interior cleaner that has UV protection. Generally, the cleaner that come in spray form have UV protection rather than the wipes.

Dust repellent

If you are looking for the best product then you should look for this feature too. Dust repelling is an advanced technology by which it works on the surfaces of the car interior even after you’ve wiped them clean. A normal cleaner will just clean the dust from the surfaces but cannot work as dust repelling. On the other hand, the best product doesn’t only clean stains and grime but also act as dust repellents. As they work even after you’ve wiped them clean, they can stop your surfaces from being dirty quickly.   

High-quality finish

High-quality finish is another important consideration that most of the brands don’t do it right. Some of the cleaner manage to remove stains, but they leave a splotchy blob in its place. Having a high quality finish is usually a must-have feature to check for in a car interior cleaner.

Non-toxic substances 

Most people eat, snack, or drink in cars and while you are doing this, you wouldn’t want anything toxic near your car interior. More importantly, kids and pets are the most vulnerable because of putting their mouths constantly on everything. If there are any dangerous or harmful substances, it may create a critical situation. It’s important to choose wipes that contain NO harmful or toxic substances.

pH level

The interior cleaning wipes should be pH appropriate also. Generally, when it comes to the (natural) leather used for automobiles, its pH level is often around a neutral level 5.  So, the leather cleaning and conditioning products used in the interior must have or should be in that pH level range between 4 and 5.


You may like your car odorless or may be scented. It is completely up to you. A car interior cleaner’s scent is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a product. A pineapple scent might be nice, but when you spray it all over the inside of the car, it might get too fruity in there.


best car cleaner

Product Name: Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Product Description: Chemical Guy's total interior Cleaner and Protectant is the top pick on our list, considering its ability for cleaning and protecting virtually every car interior surface. The best feature of this product is that it is compatible with all the different materials correctly, such as the glass, dashboards, electronics, cup holders, wood dashboard trim, leather, and carpet. Chemical Guys total interior cleaner and Protectant is an effective product that has been formulated gentle enough to clean any soft, hard, clear, or shiny interior surface. It helps to shield interior car parts from harsh sunlight as it comes with a unique formula that is also blended with UV blockers. Therefore, it helps to prevent cracking and fading on door panels, cup holders, center consoles, dashboard plastics, and sun visors. The premium formula finishes residue-free, wipes clean, and leaves no greasy or oily feel. For quick cleanups of every interior surface, you can surely rely on Chemical Guy's total interior cleaner and Protectant.

  • Easy to spread
  • Easy to use
  • Deep cleaning
  • Value for money


There are dozens of different materials throughout the typical car interior. If you want to clean them all, this one is the best for you. From leather to glass or soft surface to hard, it will clean everything off your car interior. It cleans dust off the dashboard, cleans the windshield to crystal-clarity, and removes body oils and grime from leather upholstery and seats. It can clean soda from cup holders, remove light dirt and stains from carpets and floor mats, and Erase fingerprints from navigation screens and wood dashboard trim. Also, it provides extra protection to the materials with its UV blockers.


compatible with all substances
UV blockers
Clean any soft, hard, clear, or shiny interior surface
Prevent cracking and fading
Leaves no greasy or oily feel


May leave a film

2) CarGuys Super Cleaner

Another multi-surface cleaner on our list is the CarGuys Super Cleaner. It can clean different types of surfaces very efficiently. As it comes with the newest advancements in nanotechnology, it effectively removes dirt and grime at the molecular level. Thus, it provides you a super clean surface.

This cleaner is also a multipurpose product. Along with cleaning, it will work as a special deep stain remover or a chemical solvent to get rid of bug and tar. Also, it can clean the floor mat and inner dash effectively. Such a product will help you in cleaning your car interior easily and save your money. 

This product works effectively on every interior surface except delicate instrument panel screens and glass. That means it can clean leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, upholstery, fabric, canvas, grease, tree sap, metals, wood trim and more. This cleaner has a proper UV guard to keep your interior surfaces free from the cloudy, tacky, thin, and greasy film.  

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • UV protection
  • Advanced Nano-technology
  • Protect the surfaces
  • Cannot be used as a protectant.

3) Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Product Description: If you are looking for a multi-purpose cleaner, the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are the best. It’s not just for cleaning car seats and interiors, you can use them to clean all things leather, seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas, and more. It provides a fast and easy clean to save your time and effort and leave no residue.

The specialty of this cleaner that it can condition your leather surfaces very efficiently. It keeps the surfaces smooth and hydrated. Also, for the most efficient cleaning and preserves the leather’s strength, durability, and appearance, the leather cleaner is perfectly pH balanced.

This cleaner penetrates the pores of your leather to lift and remove dirt and oils. This cleaner is completely colorless and odorless, while leather conditioner, which has a subtle leather scent. It contains Vitamin E to nourish your leather and help reduce UV damage.  

  • Cleans and conditions
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Reduces UV damage
  • Colorless and odorless
  • pH-balanced
  • Leave no residue
  • Conditioning is not that efficient.
  • Only useable on the leather surface.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you use an all-purpose cleaner on the car interior?

A: Yes, an all-purpose cleaner can be used for cleaning the car interior. But you should be careful that the cleaner should not contain any harmful substance for any interior surface.

Q: Can you use vinegar to clean the car interior?

A: A mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water can be used to clean your car interior. It can remove winter road salt residue. Your car carpeting can start to look pretty bad from road salt residue in the winter. Remember, too much use of vinegar can damage your leather interior.

Q: Is Vaseline good for dashboards? 

A: You can use Vaseline on the dashboard, but first, you have to clean the dashboard then apply a small amount of Vaseline to a microfiber cloth and wipe the dash.

Q: Do car interior cleaners repair scratch marks?

A: Not really. They’re not effective against scuffs and scratch marks. They only work on removing dirt and grime.

Q: How often the cleaner should be used on the interior of my car?

A: It depends completely on you requirements and the rate of your car interior getting dirty. But it is better to use it regularly if you are using your car frequently.

Final words

There is no better option than cleaning your car interior to keep it shiny and healthy. And interior cleaners are the best to help you to do that easily at a low cost. So, choose the best one according to your requirement and make your interior as shiny as you bought it.

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