Most car owners take good care of their interior and exterior surfaces. But they forget another important place to keep clean is the undercarriage. Sometimes they just provide a thorough water cleaning to the undercarriage surfaces including the tires and trim. But this is not enough.

Undercarriage surfaces go through the roughest situations and interact with muds, dirt, dust, ice, fuel stains, and a lot more. As a result, they remain in a very tough-to-clean situation. To clean them properly and protect them from damage, you need the best undercarriage cleaner.

You may not find much product out there that is specially made for undercarriage cleaning. But here, we have reviewed the cleaners that have been made especially for the undercarriage. We have compiled the three best car undercarriage cleaners. Also, we will provide an ultimate guide on how you should pick the best one for your car.  

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  Chemical Guys Dark Shine Undercarriage Cleaner

Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray

Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray


It cleans the undercarriage surfaces efficiently.

A good undercarriage cleaner efficiently removes all the dirt, dust, grim from the surfaces, and provides an ultimate cleaning. Sometimes, there may be strong stains on the surfaces. It can also clean the stains and keep it clean.

It protects the surfaces.

The best quality undercarriage cleaner also provides proper protection to the surfaces. It saves them from UV rays of the sun as well as from other threads. It effectively protects the surfaces from getting damaged and faded. Also, some of the cleaners prevent surfaces from future contaminations too. As a result, the undercarriage surfaces don’t damage or fade quickly.

It cleans your car’s tires and trims.

Cleaning car tires and trim is one of the most difficult works that you will find while cleaning your car. Also, they don’t get clean quickly. They take a lot of time and effort. But an undercarriage cleaner can clean the tires easily as well as the trim. Especially the spray chemical can reach the hard-to-clean surfaces and bring out the dust and grime easily. 

It brings back the shine of your car’s undercarriage.

It generally comes with the feature of shining the surfaces. As a result, your car gets back the shine after cleaning. It brings back the shine of your car as like when it was new.


Cleaning ability

The first and the most important feature you should consider when buying a cleaner is the cleaning ability of the product. It is not unknown to all that different product has different cleaning ability. But if you want the maximum cleaning of your car undercarriage, you need to choose the right one.

You may think that how can you know which one has better cleaning ability. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. You can check the product features and contained cleaning ingredients. Also, you may look for advanced features for cleaning purposes.


A car undercarriage must provide proper protection to the surfaces. As the undercarriage surfaces get more impact with different threads, it needs to be protected. A good car undercarriage cleaner should have enough protection features for saving the surfaces getting damaged quickly. The surfaces must indeed be damaged one day. But a good undercarriage can delay the damage. So, take a deep look at the protection features of the cleaner if it has enough to protect the undercarriage surfaces and keep them damage-free for a long time.

UV protection

We talked above about the protection features of a good cleaner. Here comes the most important protection feature, UV protection. The undercarriage cleaner should have UV protection.

UV ray of sunlight damages any surfaces and cause them to crack or fade. Car surfaces mostly get damaged by this ray. So, if you want to keep the surfaces good and remain its new-like shine then you should check for this feature. 


A car undercarriage cleaner must be compatible with different surfaces. You will different types of materials in the undercarriage. Mostly they are made of metal, but there can be other materials too. A good cleaner must work well on all the surfaces. It should have the ability to clean the tires and trim. Otherwise, you will trouble to clean all the undercarriage materials.

Easy to use

You will not like to buy a cleaner that takes much effort to clean. So, check for the cleaner that is easy to use. It should not come with any difficult application process. Otherwise, you will not enjoy cleaning your car undercarriage.

Quick to work

No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning their car surfaces. If you are a frequent user, surely you are not gonna like it if the cleaner takes many times to clean the undercarriage. So, look for the cleaner that works quickly. It will save you valuable time.



Product Name: Chemical Guys Dark Shine Undercarriage Cleaner

Product Description: If you are looking for a car undercarriage cleaner that will both clean and protects the surfaces then the Chemical Guys Dark Shine Undercarriage Cleaner is the best choice for you. It effectively cleans the undercarriage, tires, and trim. Not only cleaning but also it restores the original shine to any undercarriage, tires, and trim. This cleaner is a versatile choice for any car. You can clean and protect your car, off-road vehicle, and RV. Especially, this cleaner is can clean the hard-to-reach areas like wheel wells, subframes, springs, and fender liners and clean them without any trouble. The cleaner comes with the feature of enhanced UV solar protection. this enhanced UV protection can protect the undercarriage and trim surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. The cleaner comes in an easy to use and sprayable bottle. Also, for its compatibility with different surfaces, you can use it for cleaning plastic, rubber, vinyl, tires, and bumper covers on any car, including truck and off-road vehicles.

  • Easy to use
  • Scent
  • Protection
  • Value for money


This cleaner from Chemical Guys is a premium quality undercarriage cleaner. There are some hard-to-reach areas like the wheel wells, springs, subframes, and fender liners. It is specially made for cleaning those areas. As it comes with the sprayable formula, it restores the original shine to any vehicle’s trim and undercarriage. It restores faded undercarriage and trims surfaces back to like-new condition by using the oil-based dressing. UV solar protection enhances and protects undercarriage and trims surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. for multipurpose use, you can use it without worrying. The premium dressing feature can easily repel dirt, dust, and moisture for improved durability. Overall, the cleaner is perfect for achieving the finest details on show winning cars.


Compatible for different surfaces.
Cleans and protects.
UV protection.
Enhances shine.
Cleans tires and trim.
Easy to use.


Some users claimed about the spray bottle.

2) Adam’s Invisible Undercarriage Spray

Adam’s Invisible Undercarriage Spray is one of the finest choices for cleaning the undercarriage. It comes with the SiO2 Silica-Infused Technology to create an ultra-slick surface preventing mud, snow, ice, dirt, and more from sticking to your fender and wheel wells. Silicone polymers with high concentrations of SiO2 can prevent dirt and debris from sticking.

The cleaner also works as a restorer. The fender and wheel may look dried out after a car wash. But you can restore your undercarriage a crisp, deep black color by simply spraying this cleaner. It restores the dried-out wheel and other components to a rich satin black finish.

It comes with an easy application. Just spray it and wipe out with a microfiber towel. It lays a thin layer of dressing on to the surface and can be layered if higher gloss is desired. Another cool feature of this product that It is also a great dressing for your engine compartment. If you want to clean any engine compartment the wash and dry your engine thoroughly. Then simply mist the spray over the entire area and wipe in well with an old towel. It provides the plastic and rubber surfaces a new look. Also, it provides shine to the painted surfaces and keeps aluminum and anodized parts from corroding.

  • Comes with SiO2 Silica-Infused Technology.
  • Restores the surfaces.
  • Easy to use.
  • Protects the surfaces.
  • Can be used for cleaning engine compartments.
  • Doesn’t come with UV protection.
  • Little bit expensive.

3) Griot’s Garage Undercarriage Spray

Another effective undercarriage cleaner on our list is the Griot’s Garage Undercarriage Spray. For the ultimate shine of the undercarriage, this spray is really good.  It enhances the look of your Undercarriage. For any dingy looking wheel well shine, this product provides the best. 

Considering the protection feature, it provides an added layer of protection from corrosion. Like the other two, this one is also very easy to use. This cleaner is very effective for an easy spray to the wheel wells, frame, springs, and all of the other black items underneath your car’s body. It provides completely a fast and easy way to make wheel wells look like new.

It safely cleans and shines the undercarriage. Without any harmful effects on the surfaces, it provides a new and glossy look to the surfaces.

  • Easy to use.
  • Provides ultimate shine.
  • Protects the surfaces.
  • Works very fast.
  • Needs cleaning to loosen dirt before applying.
  • Doesn’t come with UV protection.


Chemical Guys Dark Shine Undercarriage Cleaner

Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray

Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray

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16 Oz

22 Oz

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Product dimensions

2.36 x 2.36 x 8.27 inches

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9.5 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches

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1.04 pounds

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473 milliliters

473 milliliters

651 milliliters






Q: Should I clean my car undercarriage?

A: Undercarriage of your car is nothing less than the other surfaces of your car when it comes to cleaning. An undercarriage is a place that goes through the toughest situations, especially when you drive your car on a muddy, dusty, snowy, or salty surface. So, it is a good idea to clean your car undercarriage regularly. 

Q: How often should you wash your car undercarriage?

A: It is ideal to clean your car undercarriage four times a year, at least once a season. Though it depends on your frequency of driving. You may need to clean more if you live in a place where you need to drive on the hard-to-drive roads. In such situations, you may clean the undercarriage six times a year.

Q: Is cleaning the undercarriage of a car important?

A: The undercarriage of a car is such a place that contains a lot of important components for vehicle safety. If it gets dirty and damaged, there can be negative impacts on overall car safety. Therefore, it is a great idea to keep your car undercarriage clean.

Q: How do you rustproof undercarriage?

A: You can use a rust proofing spray for the undercarriage. This is the best way to do it like the oil-based liquid can creep into every crack and crease for optimum protection. Also, you can use a thicker sealant spray.

Q: Can I use an all-purpose cleaner for car undercarriage?

A: An all-purpose cleaner is mainly for the exterior and interior. Sometimes they may work for cleaning the tires. But it may not work properly for the undercarriage surfaces. So, it is better to use a cleaner that is specially made for undercarriage cleaning.


No matter how you take care of your interior and exterior surfaces, there will be no benefit if you ignore your undercarriage. Because your car safety and performance sometimes depend on the fitness of the undercarriage. So, take good care of your car undercarriage if you want your car to last long.

And hope that you have got the best undercarriage cleaner from our list. So, why late? Click and make your purchase. 

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