It is a common thing that we mostly like to clean our car at home. If you want to reduce the cost and time of cleaning, it is a good idea to clean the car at home by yourself. There are a lot of cleaning products are available in the market. They are great to provide efficient cleaning for your car.
But when you are going to clean your car by yourself, you will need a few materials. Among them, a microfiber cloth is the most important. Because when you will use a cleaner liquid or foam on different surfaces of your car, you will need to wipe and scrub the surfaces for cleaning dirt, grime, and stain.
The microfiber cloth is especially efficient for providing a streak and lint-free cleaning to the surfaces. They are very popular among car owners. But if you don’t know how to use a microfiber cloth properly while cleaning your car, you may face some problems. Indeed, most car owners don’t know the proper use of microfiber cloths. They may think that this is not that necessary. But they are wrong. If you want a perfect cleaning of your car surfaces, you must know how to use the microfiber cloth properly for cleaning your car.

What is Microfiber cloth?

Microfiber cloth or towel is a special combination of Polyamide (a byproduct of Nylon) and Polyester. Using different blends at different ratios of Polyester and polyamide, different types of microfiber cloths are produced. The interlocking composition of this cloth has made it effective to collect dirt. Microfiber cloths are also differentiated by their density. The cloth that comes with more density can absorb. Also, the price of these cloth increases with their density. The density of a microfiber cloth is expressed in grams per square meter (GSM). Car Detailing experts always recommend using Microfiber Cloths while cleaning a car as they are the most productive cleaning materials. Also, they are very easy to use and provide very fast cleaning. They clean the car surfaces without causing any scratch on the paint. You can use them again and again by reserving them clean and dry. But you will not get the ultimate benefit while cleaning if you don’t know some important facts as it is mentioned before.

So, let’s know about the things that you should know while cleaning your car with a microfiber cloth.

  • Wash the microfiber cloth after buying it. It is the first and most important step while you are cleaning your car with a microfiber cloth. These cloths come with a finish when they are sold. You must wash the finish before using. Otherwise, it may leave lint on the surface that you are wiping.
  • Never wash your microfiber towels with a terry towel. Since the terry towels have lint on their surface, they will cling to the microfiber cloths while washing. This lint is very difficult to remove from the microfiber cloth. As a result, it will be hard to have lint-free wiping on the car surfaces.
  • Wash the cloth with something that doesn’t harm it. Sometimes we wash microfiber cloth with detergent. But it may stick the chemical of the detergent onto the fiber of the cloth, which will cause scratch marks on the surface while cleaning. So, always wash the microfiber cloth with that doesn’t cause any harm when you will use the cloth. It is better to use ammonia for cleaning the cloth.
  • Dry the cloth before using it. After the first washing, it needs to be dried well before you start using it. These microfiber cloths are needed to be dried properly before using it.
  • Dry the microfiber cloth at very low heat. These cloths come with polyester which has a very low melting point. So, it is better to air dry them. Otherwise, the regular drying heat for other fabrics will melt the polyester of the microfiber cloth. It is difficult to inspect the difference when it dries it at a high temperature. But surely you will see that the cloth is not cleaning your car properly.
  • Always use a clean microfiber cloth for each of the surfaces. Microfiber cloths are very effective for cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces. But you should not use a single piece of cloth for several surfaces. When you wipe a surface with this cloth, it locks and removes the dirt from the surface. As a result, it gets dirty after several wipes and may leave tints and dirt marks if you use it on another surface.
  • Flip the microfiber cloth for frequent use on a certain surface. As it is mentioned before that the cloth may get dirty for frequent wipes on a surface, you can flip the cloth for better cleaning. It will also reduce the excessive number of towels for complete cleaning.
  • Clean and dry properly after using. When you are done with your car cleaning, you should wash the microfiber cloths properly according to the mentioned process. Then dry and store them for further use.
  • Organize the towel and maintain the color code for using further cleaning. It is better to use certain cloth for a certain area of your car. To maintain this sequence you can use the color code of the cloth. It will help you to detect those specific microfiber cloths for a certain area. It will also help you a good wash as you are not using those for several surfaces.

Benefits of using a microfiber when cleaning your car

  • As the microfiber cloth comes with absorbing quality, they provide up to seven times stronger cleaning than the normal cleaning cloths.
  • They provide streak and tint free cleaning.
  • They have a long life and can be used for further washes if they are maintained properly.
  • It can be used for car waxing, wet washing, and drying wet surfaces.
  • They provide a germ-free washing.
  • It can remove tough stains and grime by effective wiping.
  • They are not health-hazard as they don’t contain any harmful and toxic chemicals.
  • You don’t need to use much water for cleaning while using a microfiber cloth.

Overall, microfiber cloths are one of the most excellent cleaning products with a lot of usefulness. So, know the user guide properly of microfiber cloths and then start using it for making your car clean and shiny again.

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