After a car wash, you may wonder “what should you do to maintain the car’s shine?” You may need to polish or wax your car – or perhaps both to do so. But if you don’t know the differences between them, you may not get what you want.
If you think that waxing or polishing your car is the same thing and they have the same result then you are completely wrong. Waxing and polishing are completely two different processes to take care of your car’s surface.
Before applying them, you should know the differences between car wax and car polish. Otherwise. You cannot make a choice and decide what you should do. You should know the advantages and disadvantages before applying them to get the ultimate result.

What is Car Wax?

Car wax is applied to a car surface to protect and enhance the car’s paint coating. It offers a protective layer on the car surface. Generally, car wax is used after cleaning your car to fill the swirls and scratches with a protective coating. It smoothens the surface with the layer. Some of them may come with UV protection to protect your car surface from the sunlight. It helps your vehicle look well and protects it from all sorts of contaminants.

What is car polish?

Car polish is a product that increases the surface shine by removing scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections. It eliminates the top layer of a car surface. But they are very gentle to the surface to provide enough protection for your paintwork. Though this abrasive material is very effective to remove the top layer of protection, it is enough gentle that it won’t destroy the paintwork of your car. If you want to smooth and shine your car surface then car polish is ultimately effective.

Advantages of car wax

  • Car wax provides a protective layer that not only to shines on the surface, but also protects from contamination.
  • It gives you relief from the annoying scratch and swirl marks on your paintwork.
  • It doesn’t melt so easily. Most of the good quality car wax has a very high melting point. So, for regular uses, car wax doesn’t melt. Even on a hot summer day, it stays perfectly on the car surface.
  • It doesn’t dissolve in water very well. As a result, it’s going to stay in your car even after heavy rain.
  • It provides an excellent finish to the surface. Therefore, it enhances the shine and looks of your car.
  • Car wax protects the paintwork of your car. If you want perfect protection of your car surface with enhances shine, car wax is the best choice.

Advantage of car polish

  • Instead of providing a protective layer, car polish removes any layer on the surface.
  • It removes the dirt that simply won’t go away easily and enhance the appearance of your car.
  • That is very gentle to your car surface to protect the paint job.
  • It helps to restore auto paint when it loses its shine due to oxidation.
  • There are two types of car polish. If you want a car polish that does not contain any ingredients that chemically abrade the paint of your car, you should use the Non-abrasive polishes. On the other hand, if you want a car polish that contains ingredients that physically abrade pain, you can choose the abrasive polishes.
  • The effects of polish last much longer.

Overall comparison

You can see that the two products are quite good from their perspective. They have different features and results. Among them, the following differences are notable.

  • Car wax can protect the paintwork, car polish cannot. As the car polish doesn’t provide any protective layer, they cannot protect the paintwork from further contamination.
  • Wax cannot shine the surface as bright as the polish does. Car polish can make your car surface as shiny as the time when you bought it.
  • Wax creates a protective layer, polish removes a thin protective layer from the paint. Wax fills the scratch and swirl marks when polish removes the scratch and swirls marks by removing a very thin layer of the coat. If the scratches are very deep, it is not possible to remove them by polishing. If you try to do so, you will damage the paint layer of your car.
  • Wax should be used after polishing. If you want to use them both then you should polish the surface first to make it contamination-free and then you should polish it. You should never wax the car before polishing.
  • Wax cannot remove dirt and contaminants from the surface, polish can do it very well. From the main features of waxing, we have seen that the wax is unable to remove any contamination from the surface. But the main purpose of polish is to remove such contaminations. As it removes a thin layer, any scratch and swirl marks with dirt get away from the surface.
  • Polish provides a more reflective surface than the wax.
  • Overusing polish may damage the paintwork, wax may not. If there is any deep scratch, you may think that over polishing may remove it. But remember very carefully that polishing is removing the protective layer. So if you over polish, the paintwork will be damaged very badly.
  • Polish removes and wax smoothen.
  • Good quality wax has UV protection, polish doesn’t have UV protection. Among the protection features of a wax, UV protection is one. UV rays are very harmful to the paint and coat of your car surface. They can be damaged and faded by the UV rays. A wax comes with UV protection to keep the surface coat and painting good for a long time.

Final thought

It is very difficult to choose one over another. Both of them are very effective and take good care of the car’s look. But if you need to choose one, you should follow the above discussions and differences. Only then you can find which one is required for your car.

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